Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Storms in my head
pain in my heart
of what used to be love
is now a bitter
black soul charred to the death
death of a heart and soul
all crumpled up
as if it was a piece of paper
this is death
and this is sadness
to hear voices no more
would mean
sure joy and happiness
But what is that
only to find a wilted flower
laying on the floor
of the cold dead soul...
its like any other day i have it off stayed home to spend time with the cat Nysa... cant afford to do anything else.. savingy my money to go see new moon when it comes out.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


hopefully sleep will come soon to me... going to listening to 300 soundtrack to go to sleep...


faint darkness turns to sunlight
as the crisp sun rises over the sky
turning the whole world
into a purplish pinkish
the kind of color
you see in your dreams
but you know your awake
as you hear the birds
and can taste the dew
of the morning

it's that kind of day
that seems to make it all worth while of living
living the dream
and forgetting the ghost of the past

the knife
you see the blade so shiny
crisp to the feel as the dew on your feet
you look at the sky wave the knife around
and life is no more
in a dream it was a word
and it ment everything....

Dreaming of Nothing

The lights flicker on and off
thats when I know he will come
thats when I know
the bad men have arrived
to take your souls
and to steal the night
its in you
its in me
everything we touch
glows red
red of blood
blood of a passing
into the night from the living
to the dead
we roam the earth
of broken souls
for the bad men have taken us
to the dreaming
Of nothing...

Can't sleep

Sitting here at my computer its 5:27am have to be at work at 4pm and can't sleep. Got off of work at 10pm yesterday and cant sleep my mind has to many thoughts in it.. and not even tired at all took my medication to, that usually really tired..But tomorrow at work i know i will be tired and really can't offered to be late to work at all.. or will have to find a new job that weighs on my mind alot thats all i think about. So I try even harder to be a good employee and do a even better job.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Tragic heart's in a life of no understanding
for love doesn't live here anymore
its for the world to see
of whats gone wrong
when we run away
hide under the weeping willow tree

tragic soul of a life gone by
here for you and me
we see the tragic of our lives
by the fallen tree
take a needle prick the skin
for this will be