Saturday, November 24, 2007


wakening to a nightmare of my life
taking the shadows and the ghost
of past life and times
dreams that were real
to only be a lie
in between the good and the bad
there is a line to not cross
to not walk
that journey is long
for the soul is restless
the need is restless
for a life better
of a time better
it all falls down
fades away
to start a new day
going through the motions
of a single tear
of a single fear
to nothing
to everything
restless soul...

taking charge
taking steps
to make it solid
in the mind
body and soul..

restless will always be

Friday, November 23, 2007


in the wake of dreams and helpless sleep
comes a wakeing
so taunting
so into my soul
i see you reach out your hand
in this sleepless wakelss dream
you lay before me
so fragile sweet
but i see the lies you tell me
through you
like a glass wall
i see it all
in this dreamless
wakeless sleep
its you i see
take my hand
and let the soul
touch as one
be in this dream
take the trip
its worth it....