Monday, May 28, 2007

My Movie Review

Today I saw
Over The Hedge
Funny little cartoon movie about animals trying to take food from the humans its funny cute movie and you just wanna go oh thats so cute.. liked it alot.. at the end when the skunk made her self like a cat to talk to the cat.. and it turns out the real cat accepted the skunk ( wanna be cat ) for her self.. so it taught a lesson to not judge people.

so i give it 4 stars.. out of 1


Just recently I had the great opportunity to see


and oh wow is all i have to say about this movie.. the fighting is really great.. I really liked the part in the movie about the dead bodies on the barrier using them as a base for the wall made it so much better seeing the movie i bought the soundtrack first as soon as it came out listened to that alot, then saw the movie.. the movie is really gripping from beginning to end.. will buy it on DvD when it comes out..
washing over the waves of a life time
of a time of hurt and pain
looking through your eyes
i see it all
see all of inside of your soul'
where emotions play games
of a time
where there was pain
for the heart and soul
see the flowers dieing
see the waves crashing
the moon and sun
turning to red
like the flowers dieing
raining down on my soul
raining down
on the souls of us all..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pain surrounds me takes away my soul my heart
Pain seeps inside of me gripping my soul
like a lost summer storm
full of raw emotion
full of hatred
full of heat
the heat you cant see
but can grip
your most inner thoughts
and cause pain
rippling pain
pain of life
pain of death
pain of the soul
like the full moon on a summer night
wishing the rain would come
wash away the pain
and have it
no more...

( victoria ) May 26, 07 )

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nysa, who is 13 months old.. poseing for the cam.. just after i finish unloading the bookcase to move it across the room.. every where i go she is there.. under my feet.. waiting for me when i get home.. even leave the T.V on for her.. her favorite show, sponge bob square pants..

she is named after a DR Who show..

the shows.. she is named after.. and yes i do love sci - fi and dr who..

sights and sounds fade into images and colors as the world passes by
floating into a new world falling on a rock
crashing down to reality
and breaking like a fragile flower
setting in the sun
and burning on the grass
of ever lasting twlight
setting in the sands of time
setting in the darkness of my mind
so fragile so pure
like a moth in a spell
captured forever
by the bright light..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So this morning I decide before going to work to watch my local news, granted where i live at its a small place.. but sometimes i just wanna watch and see whats going on in the world.. It just doesnt happen when I watch my local news.. instead someone just said on there i learned something yesterday.. they get a strawberry and shove a straw through it and take off the top of the leaves with the straw.. Well thinking it was something important.. but it wasn't what a let down.. where are all the real news reporters?

Monday, May 21, 2007

floating endlessly through the sky flying free
the sun the moon and stars they can not catch me
the breeze feels so nice
through the wind, sky and trees
floating away
flying free
letting my mind go
letting the soul free
to face another day
to only see
the one
who truly
gets me...
One of the things I have done for many years is play this game to relax.. its a good outlit for letting off steam just before going to work...and after work.. a very good place to see and talk to my friends with..
Its called Dark Age Of Camelot..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

One of the joys of life is looking at the clouds, these were taken when there was a tornado warning.. Nature and all its wonder..

Taken last night around 8pm cst of a beautiful star with the moon..

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Soul Touched

Just one soul one life for things to be the same or different
we all have one life
we all make one choice
things are not easy
but with words and comfort
the love will shine
in all our hearts...

love will never die
love will always grow...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Life begins at birth
so tiny
so frail
through the stages of life
we grow
we become
its the love
the bond
of the mothers
that makes everything
in the heart and the mind
Happy Mothers Day
you have someone out there
who thinks of you daily
and wonders what you are like..