Thursday, August 30, 2007


Pain that seeps in the heart
its the unknowing
its the sharing
that brings us in the pain
the pain
of child bearing
not knowing
of a knife
twisted in the heart
and the image of a soul
its all around
take my hand
and i will guild you through
a pain free life
to the likes you have never

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A storm is here

Lately where i live its been so hot just like the rest of the country.. and with a water shortage as well so today when i saw clouds getting dark went out with the camera and decide to take pics of beautiful nature and have gotten some of lighting and the storm clouds was lucky enough to have my picture shown on the local news

of the lighting one..

Here are the pics..

Friday, August 24, 2007

what ever happened to love to life
is it to far fetched to go away
to run in the dust
to take day to night
to take myth to light

what ever happened to love
to thoughts of happiness
depressing thoughts of happiness

to life to love
to chill at night
to be one with the sights

to think for this is the beginning of the end

the forget fullness

of feelings


I wish i could sleep need to be at work in 8 hours.. yay... to much in my head.. to many thoughts..

The Forgetfull

Tired of wakening
tired of dreaming
this dreaming less sleep
that never comes to me at night
tired of the day
tired of the night
its a frightfully thought
of the sun
the moon
and the life
if there is any

tired of nothingness
that feeling it follows you
like a shadow
a cold dark shadow at night

the clouds drift from my sight
tired of the wind that blows
from the east, north, south and west

tired of this empty soul
tired of this empty heart

the feeling comes and goes
from the start

tired of this nothingness

its what i feel
surrounds me
like a moth to a flame

surrounds me
takes me in
and watches me
invites me
to fill up my pain

tired of the day
tired of the night
tired of being alone

tired of this
never ending

pics of the car i used to have

sometimes i miss this car, like when i wanna go to town or to the mall just to walk around.. or when it rains.. right now i am looking for a car nothing to fancy just something to take me out and about.. near and far.. right now i walk to work and when i get off at 11pm its not so neat to walk home then.. here are pics of the car that no longer runs i got from my divorce...

Fear of Alone

I fear alone with my thoughts
alone with myself
in the deep dark saddened word
alone with my aching thoughts of a heart
tormented soul

its midnight again
and i fear
i am my only friend

of deep dark paths
of no sleep quite again

its a feeling i have
this being alone
alone in the heart
alone in the soul
of being tormented

to feel the need of a day
to feel the need of the sun
to look at you and see the new world

of only the sun and the shadows
of only the dreams and the nightmares

its a place i feel
i place i feel only
when your gone
known as only my


nyssa pics

Here are the nyssa being a pain pics.. she dont like me using the computer..

nyssa my cat

nyssa is usually a pain.. but sometimes she is cute to.. here are thoes moments..

Pic of the moon

I went outside and just took this its suppose to be the moon... suppose to be lol...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tommorow is another day....The season's change..

The cold steel blade of the knife slips through my heart as his piercing eyes look right though, me down to the most inner core of my soul.. Taking of a heartbeat taking the thoughts feelings of one another is a old play for what they call in todays terms love...

Its the ritual of a time gone to the light of the new way the new way of thinking with pitch forks and buckets of water turning into madness and laughter in a soap bucket.

the thought of the sun and seeing the full moon rise over the beach. That always brings me back to you. Back to the fond memories., Back to where i felt love even if it was a cold steel blade in my shiny new heart I felt life when i was with you.. now all i feel is death.. Death as clear as i see the flowers on the ground of the new turning frost of the coming year.


This one is her posing.. it seems like it

Kitten Pics

Pics of nyssa.. she has such a personality.. and always makes me smile.. this is what she sleeps on sometimes, her dog i named it henry when i say henry she usualy goes and sits on him.. she also comes when i call her name... he collar is pink with a bell on it so i always know where she is.. and usualy where she is is with me.. she is like a supervisor at work watching to make sure i do it right lol :)

sky pics

got bored today and took pics of the sky outside here they are..

So Far Away,,,

So far away
so far away in my heart
to reach you
to reach you
in your shell of a million miles away
a million miles away
but to hold on for the day hold on for the night
its a dream
this cant be right
its a million miles away
for the heart to tell me lies
for the soul
who only really knows
who only really cries
its a million miles away
for the day for the night
the moon that shines bright at night

so far away
so far away
to my heart]
to my soul
to your heart
to your soul

so far away
foe one breath
so far away
for just that one day

where the million miles
will all fade away...