Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tommorow is another day....The season's change..

The cold steel blade of the knife slips through my heart as his piercing eyes look right though, me down to the most inner core of my soul.. Taking of a heartbeat taking the thoughts feelings of one another is a old play for what they call in todays terms love...

Its the ritual of a time gone to the light of the new way the new way of thinking with pitch forks and buckets of water turning into madness and laughter in a soap bucket.

the thought of the sun and seeing the full moon rise over the beach. That always brings me back to you. Back to the fond memories., Back to where i felt love even if it was a cold steel blade in my shiny new heart I felt life when i was with you.. now all i feel is death.. Death as clear as i see the flowers on the ground of the new turning frost of the coming year.

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