Monday, May 28, 2007

My Movie Review

Today I saw
Over The Hedge
Funny little cartoon movie about animals trying to take food from the humans its funny cute movie and you just wanna go oh thats so cute.. liked it alot.. at the end when the skunk made her self like a cat to talk to the cat.. and it turns out the real cat accepted the skunk ( wanna be cat ) for her self.. so it taught a lesson to not judge people.

so i give it 4 stars.. out of 1


Just recently I had the great opportunity to see


and oh wow is all i have to say about this movie.. the fighting is really great.. I really liked the part in the movie about the dead bodies on the barrier using them as a base for the wall made it so much better seeing the movie i bought the soundtrack first as soon as it came out listened to that alot, then saw the movie.. the movie is really gripping from beginning to end.. will buy it on DvD when it comes out..

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