Monday, June 30, 2008

Bi-polar day

So far today i am doing good only one anxiety attack I know I can control it if i try but its very hard to do when you see lights above you and they get all blurry and your heart races and you feel like you just wanna go out of control.. so thats when the bathroom comes in handy.. I go in and take deep breath's good thing there a family restroom at wall mart. sometimes it gets so hard when i ask questions and i don't understand or i feel so out of place.. and then i feel nervous and useless.. and thats when the anxiety hits me.

don't get me wrong i like my job alot just have to control the way i am.. change who i am.. by taking my meds everyday and working with my doc's to not be so emotional.. for me i guess its a struggle to be out.. but i know also this job is very good for me... if it wasn't for this job i would be in the house more and more closed in.. and one of my goals is to get out more and be in places..

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