Monday, June 16, 2008

Things i am doing tonight

Since upon seeing my med doc this afternoon and deciding that i need to start taking my meds double at night again going to take them at 7pm cst as it helps me sleep and try to get on a normal sleep schedule.. before we tried it just 1 at day time for all three and then 1 at night for all three but that didn't work to well so now back to the old.. hopefully this will set my moods to being some what stavle, i hate the way i am when i am hype emotional sometimes it happens in the oddest way like if i go into work see the lights it happens and i have a anxiety attack so trying to lvl my stress and just every day thing to a little as possible to make my inside happy which i never am.. gotta go to bed really early tonight so i wont be late to work.. this is how it all started changeing my meds around so i wont be late.. but i think my health is important and walmart has been pretty flexible with me on my taking meds i really like where i work and its a chance for me to be around other people because normally i am at home alone most of my life cept work so this is a good opportunity for me.

my apt is a total mess so decided to clean one room a day till it is all better the only thing is i hate doing laundry.. right now i am washing the dishes and listening to star trek the next generation don't kn ow what iu would do without the sc fi channel lol...

my mood right now is kind of happy only cause i am doing something around the house.

gotta go take my meds...

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