Friday, July 20, 2007

Bi-Polar Soul..

My world is soring
soring free inside my head
its like a big light switch
so very big
that i have bells in my ears
i cant answer
i wanna answer them
say hello
hello and stop
but the colors of black and blue
come in and go out of my head
they make me want to shout
to scream
its a high i am soaring
i am about the clouds
till i fall
and feel
as if i am dieing
in my head
i feel so much pain
so much grief
of these eyes on me
eyes looking straight through me
feel pain in my soul
deep in my heart
this is a low
the two get mixed up
day to day
i have this switch
more then once a day
it is flipped
more then once
a smell a sound
and its flipped
i am tired
i am weak
i am me
i am a bi polar soul

who bleeds
who feels
who is afraid
of being different

so much grief
so much madness
the switch flips
so much happiness
so much fun
the switch
so much low
so much high

this is me
this is my
bi polar

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