Thursday, July 12, 2007

Invisible < part 2 >

The world through my eyes
in shades of grey
black and white
not vivid
like the colors of a rainbow
like the sun
or the moon at night
for i am invisable
for all the world to see
people walk past me
look right through me
look at me
speak harsh words to me
don't know me
don't wanna know me
i am invisible
for all the world to see
waiting for the one moment
where i am seen by anyone
by someone
to only become un invisable
for just a moment
just a day
just a second
of someones time
someones touch
a embrace
to say
you are real
your not
< Victoria
Thursday July 12, 2007 >

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Nightsurfer said...

Hi ya.
Thought I would drop in and say Hi. Nice Blog you got here.

How cool, I see a few of my Youtube videos on here. Right on!

I might have to do one of these..But who knows....Only time and boredome will tell.

Have a great weekend!