Monday, July 16, 2007

i hide myself away from the pain
the scars i hide them well
but they show on the outside
come up from the inside
big full of pain
when people look
people stare
at the difference
between me and them
i am different
i hide my pain
but i show my scar
for the whole world to see
my scar
big as daylight
big as the sun
big as the night
its the movement that hurts
the pain that grips the inside
that shows on the outside
the pain of being different
it makes me unique
to my own self
makes me not a lemming
to a world full of them
makes my heart and soul grow
for the need to help another
for i am different
for i am unique
i am also

but to the world
i am only visible
long enough to stare...

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