Saturday, July 14, 2007


some things don't seem so +bad.. until i wake up walk about and can feel the fluid move in my leg and stay there.. then my ankle and foot hurt like anything.. maybe its the pressure of the fluid that stays there but my ankle is small and my foot is big with the calf being big as well.what i want to do is get the left ankle and make it strong.. have looked at ankle weights and have not found any that would fit my ankle.. with the way it is.. between a swollen leg and foot.. and now i am thinking of getting a recumbent bike.. the kind where you can sit down and ride it.. was once told that is the best kind i can use for the way my legs are..

usually when i wake up in the morning i massage my legs.. arms and everything.. then i out on my stockings. they come up to almost my hips.. and have infection fighting material on them there from ..

these are custom made for the measurements of my leg..they help alot.. to move the legs.. the skin.. and so that more fluid wont go down there..

at least thats what i think they do.. i am still learning about this.. these do get hot.. and with the weather nice and all. would not rather wear them but don't wanna be in pain either and have my leg worse.. and when i am at work i wear skirts now.. sometimes when my leg does swell more the pants seem to be to tight on that leg and it don't feel so comfortable as well..

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