Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lymphedema Wednesday

I am tired didn't sleep good last night. although i went to bed at 10pm, tossed and turned and my leg felt like it was on fire, and had pins and needles all night long in it.. cramps to on the left leg and foot.. It rained last night and afternoon, and when it rains i get this really bad pain in my ankle and foot.. so bad last night it brought tears to my eyes..

So when I awake this morning at 4am.. same pain.. seems worse in a way.. so today i decide to wrap my leg after i massage it.. what i do first is put cotton on my foot wrap it up just below the knee with about 8 pieces of cotton...This will be the first Pic.. Then after that I take some bandages and wrap the foot first going up to the knee.. i use about 5 bandages for this.. depends on how big swollen my leg is.. the purpose is when i walk.. the bandages move and move my skin more and get the circulation going better..2nd pic is the leg wrapped with the bandages..Well ok, the pic on the left is the bandaged one. the pic on the right is the one with the cotton...

will also put a Link up to bandaging your leg as well..

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