Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Morning

The smell of the sun just waking up after its long nap...
as the sun comes up and in my window
tells me its time to get out of bed
start a new day
start a day fresh

As the dew from the grass
gently brushes my ankles
its a new day
the day has just begun

Birds sing
flowers bloom
the sun is coming up
its so beautiful
when the clouds all moving together
in such a perfect way
its the harmony of nature
all moving
all breathing
all living as one

As I feel the wind on my face
and the dew on the grass

Its a new day
a new day
to start fresh

To believe
to have hope
to remember

Who you are

In this new day

This day
is yours

So good morning
and sun

Its a new day

Your life
has just


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